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We offer mediation and conflict resolution services across a variety of situations, from early stage challenging conversations through to late stage litigation.

Mediation and conflict resolution services are offered in the following areas:   

Employment Claims 

Labour Relations Disputes 

Personal Injury Claims 

Insurance Disputes 

Malpractice Litigation and Health Care Conflicts

Workplace Conflicts

Commercial Disputes 

Community Conflicts

Services to Connect

Find out if our services are right for you.

When challenging situations escalate, people can need help to come together.

These are difficult subjects, work place conflicts, competing business visions, harassment, and many other contentious issues. At the core of these situations and others are often competing objectives, different expectations, personality conflicts, intergenerational divides, and more.

Communication barriers and pent up frustrations can aggravate the situation and make it harder for people to come together. 

If you are facing a difficult conversation or conflict, mediation and conflict resolution can help bring people together to resolve resentment and escalation, restore relationships, and put the conflict behind you and find a path forward.  

"I believe in being my true authentic self, in being engaging and compassionate. With nearly 20 years of experience helping clients solve complex problems, I help people navigate disagreements with respect as they find their path forward." 



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