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Paulette DeKelver, LL. B. 

Mediator / Arbitrator / Facilitator / Heart-led leader

Fundamentally, I believe people (including my two boys) are doing the best they can and typically bring all of the resources they have to a situation. Many things can impact how a person shows up at work, at play, and all the spaces in between. 

I have been dealing with issues of people, conflict, and wellness for nearly twenty years. Clients keep asking me about options to address conflicts outside of the costly and protracted litigation process. Mediation and conflict resolution was a natural extension of my personality and professional services. 

My practice is trauma-informed. I have worked with and supported many who have experienced injury inside of institutions that were designed to protect and hold them safe. This point of view can impact the conflict process and the what constitutes resolution. 

My practice is informed by many cultures and practices including the knowledge of Indigenous justice and worldview that inform and shape my own.  I acknowledge these teachings and I am grateful. I seek to understand what is mine to share and what is not.

I am passionate about people and communication and understanding what lies at the heart of conflict. This deep commitment has helped me to create solutions that enhance communication, preserve and strengthen relationships, and help parties navigate and resolve difficult and contentious situations.

I seek out opportunities to teach and engage with the community. These arenas help extend facilitation and leadership skills to support parties in conflict as they gain confidence and trust in the resolution process.

I love public speaking. Many people don't. I'm not sure I agree people are more afraid of public speaking than death though. Me, I love being at the podium. 

And, I believe deeply in the need to restore and recharge and am intensely connected to the mountains. Backcountry hiking and camping refuel me and help me bring the best of myself to life's challenges.  

Our stories connect us to our past and to each other, and shape what we bring into our daily experiences including life, play, work, and yes, conflict.

You  can learn more about my story here.  

It has been an honour and pleasure to participate in many diverse communities, both professionally and personally. Click here to explore.

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