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Photo Paulette DeKelver

Mediation For Lawyers 

You are a lawyer looking for a mediator to help resolve your client's legal problem.  You are looking for a mediator who is fair, balanced, and skilled.

Maybe you are recently retained and see an opportunity for an early resolve. Or, maybe you have been working with your client for some time and need to complete the mandatory dispute resolution process set out in the Alberta Rules of Court. 

You want to select a mediator who has the skills and experience to bring parties together and achieve a compromise that serves both sides. 

Paulette's experience spans several areas of law including employment law, labour relations, medical malpractice, personal injury, disability insurance, litigation, and grievance arbitration.

Paulette has the benefit of nearly twenty years of experience across a variety of courts, tribunals, and arbitrations. This breadth and depth of experience provides a broad understanding of the complex issues, risks, and decisions facing parties in conflict. 

Whether you are dealing with a legal dispute in the early stages, or you are on the eve of trial, Paulette has the experience and skills to help achieve meaningful resolution. 



To request available mediation dates 

follow the link below. 

Photo Paulette DeKelver

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