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Photo Paulette DeKelver

Governance Mediation & Facilitation

Organizations face the complex task of self-organizing to identify and deliver on goals and objectives, often engaging various perspectives and desired outcomes.


The governance process frequently brings together multiple talented and committed individuals deeply committed to the organization's success though likely seeing different issues through a variety of lenses. 

The governance process is rife with potential for conflict.

Developing governance processes and languages brings into focus and deals with understanding statutory obligations and a close read of legislation, along with an understanding of how the governing language will be applied. Regardless of the specific governance document (policies, collective agreements, by-laws, etc.), creating governance language requires consideration and understanding of how the language can be interpreted.

Conflicts and disputes can arise over meaning and interpretation, direction and outcomes. 

Mediation and facilitation can help chart a path through the complexities of the governance processes, helping to create and foster collaborative strategies that lead to successfully co-creation and effective problem solving. 

Our approach to governance mediation and facilitation provides parties with two decades of experience and hearings involving interpretation and application of complex agreements, collective agreements, and legislation.

If you are curious and want to learn more, let's connect.

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